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Customize your event’s Living Red jerseys here by adding text to the side panels and logos to the back pocket.

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1. Select a high resolution file to upload. We recommend .ai and .eps file formats for printing.

2. If the file is not an .ai or .eps, it may become pixelated/distorted and could take longer to upload. Please be patient and do not exit out of this window until files are fully uploaded!

3. Once your image has been uploaded, it will appear on the template. Just click on the logo and/or graphic and you can resize, reposition, or rotate the image if need be.

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All uploaded images supplied by the customer must be in a print-ready format. We recommend using .ai, .eps, or .pdf file formats because they will produce vector based graphics. Vector graphics will turn out the highest quality image for printing, even when resized.

Other file formats, such as .jpg or .png, may become pixelated and/or distorted when uploaded and resized. They are not the best for printing, but if you must use either of these formats please make sure they are saved out at a minimum of 150dpi and sized appropriately. For example, if the logo needs to be 5 inches on the jersey, please make sure it is at least 5 inches in the file you upload.

Primal is not responsible for poor print quality of logos and/or graphics supplied in formats or sizes that are not suitable for print. By supplying Primal with logos and/or graphics, the customer agrees that they have permission from the company or companies represented to use the logos and/or graphics supplied.

Primal may rebuild raster graphics (.jpg, .png, .tiff), when possible, and will bill the customer at a standard rate of $50 per logo. Should Primal have to rebuild or request print ready files, there may be a delay in production and delivery.

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